An Evening Talking Politics with KFYI’s Terry Gilberg

I recently had the pleasure of spending an hour talking politics and international affairs with Terry Gilberg of KFYI-550 Fox Radio. We had agreed that I would be her “boots on the ground” reporter from Iowa, where presidential politics are as thick as the mud of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers that border this corn-powered state. We were going to talk about Michelle Bachmann’s recent Iowa straw poll, Gov. Rick Perry, Sarah Palin and President Obama’s drive by in his Canadian bus, but minutes before I went on the air, she called and said that the Rebels had taken Libya and we would add a dash of Mid-East politics to the show. It was a lot of fun and I hope you get a chance to listen. I am looking forward to my next night on the radio with Terry and I guaratee you that the politics are just heating up in Iowa — and that international politics aren’t going to get any easier for our president either. And don’t forget to tune into Terry Gilberg on KFYI-550 on Saturday and Sunday nights!

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