True West Loves Outlaw Women

Do you love a good Western? or is Science-Fiction your ticket to cinema fun? How about a little bit of both? Hollywood loves a new twist on an old theme, and “Cowboys & Aliens” has it all for the film buff who just can’t choose between “She Wore a Yellow Ribbon” or “Predator” on AMC tonight! Well, like that good Chinese-Jewish deli in Burbank, Kosherama’s, where the corned beef on rye comes with crunchy chop suey noodles and won-ton soup, “Cowboys & Aliens satisfies the movie-goers desire for smorgasbord but afterwards theĀ appetite is not as satiated as one hadĀ imagined. Nonetheless, if you love a beautiful Lady in a Stetson that knows how to handle a Colt .45, make sure and catch Olivia Wilde in “Cowboys & Aliens” at the multiplex before it heads to Blu-Ray or if you haven’t already, by your copy of True West at your local newstand with Bob Boze Bell’s great interpretation of John Wayne from outerspace on the cover!!


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