BB King: My Memories of An American Icon

BB King, an amazing American. Fortunate to have seen him in concert at great venues with great friends, inlcuding with U2 at Sun Devil Stadium with Harmen Tjaarda​. We walked to the stadium from house in Tempe. 72,000 at $5 each for the Joshua Tree Tour film. BB King opened for them and sang with them their duel hit during the concert. U2 had to work hard to remind the audience they were in Tempe to see them and not BB King, who stole the night. Hollywood Bowl ,on a day when Stevie Ray Vaughan was his #2 guitarist in his band, with John Dent​, Vincent​, Tom Meyer​, Mike Lahn. That’s right Stevie Ray was BB King’s sideman at the Hollywood Bowl Playboy Jazz Festival as the sun went down. Now they are jamming together again. BB KIng out front, Stevie a few yards back, his boots and hat, and guitar. They rocked that jazz festival right out of their chardonnay stupor!! And at the Beverly Hills Theater on a night when prior to BB King showcasing the night, Bobby Blue Bland and Albert King performed with their bands. All nights to remember, amazing concerts. I believe the unofficial ND Blues Club was together again in Beverly Hills, John, Tom, Mike and me. There was a fan that night behind us (we were up in the balcony, who kept screaming, “B.B., B.B., I love you, I love you, you make my leg itch, B.B., B.B. I love you. What a night. Appropriately, I share the obituary from the Chicago Tribune: B.B. King dead at 89

B.B. King dead at 89It may have been a farewell or a passing of the torch for B.B. King when he played Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival at a sold-out Toyota Park in Brideview,…
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