Thanks to Arizona Republic reporter Megan Finnerty for her profile of my new book, At Work in Arizona: The First 100 Years, that I wrote in collaboration with curator Marilyn Szabo and Alliance Bank of Arizona CEO Jim Lundy to benefit Arizona educational non-profits.

At Work in Arizona: The First 100 Years
At Work in Arizona: The First 100 Years

True West Magazine: Remembering Harry “Dobe” Carey, Jr. by Stuart Rosebrook


Recently America lost a legendary hero of cinema and Western film history, Harry “Dobe” Carey, Jr. I had the pleasure of interviewing Harry for an article my father, Jeb Rosebrook, and I wrote for Arizona Highways Magazine in honor of 60 years of John Ford filmmaking in Monument Valley celebrated in 1999.

Harry Carey, Jr. was one of the classiest men in Hollywood, and next to Maureen O’Hara, really one of the last great actors of the John Ford Company that made so many American classic films. Harry was a true Westerner, raised on his parents ranch north of Los Angeles, and next to Ben Johnson and Yakima Canutt, the best horseman on all of Ford’s Western films.

As a boy, growing up in Los Angeles, with blond red hair and freckles like Dobe, and a love of the West and horses, I always felt a kinship with Dobe as the young cowboy or trooper always working hard to earn his spurs.


The Black Hole Returns: Screenwriter Jeb Rosebrook’s Sci-Fi Classice for Disney

Prometheus writer Jon Spaihts sign on to write The Black Hole remake for Disney

In 1979, my father’s first sci-fi movie, The Black Hole, was released by Disney, one of the last films released by Ron Miller and the original Disney team. A blockbuster and the first PG movie released by Buena Vista, the Disney Studios were off limits to our family while my dad was on the Disney campus writing the film. The original director’s cut has never been released but I suspect the longer original film, with a stronger opening, creating empathy for the characters, and a more creative ending, would have made the film stronger in its initial release. We’ll never know. But now it will be remade and I believe that Jeb Rosebrook and the amazing creative team that first put the Black Hole on the screen should be recognized for their work. Not many of the actors are still alive, but Maximillian Schell would be a great interview. Stay tuned!



A Conversation with Western Author Max Evans

American Cowboy Picture


Recently, I enjoyed a wonderful and personal conversation with author Max Evans that was featured in the April issue of American Cowboy Magazine.

Max Evans is a man I have admired and known since I was a boy and he would visit my parents home in North Hollywood, enthralling my siter and me with his tales of the West and wide open spaces he loves so dearly, the Hi-Lo Country of New Mexico.

Let’s just say the bourbon whiskey flowed and so did the stories as my father, writer Jeb Rosebrook, and Max would trade tales in the living room, planning how they could adapt one of Max’s stories into a screenplay for mutual friend director Sam Peckinpah.

From my perspective, Max Evans is New Mexico’s greatest writer, the John Steinbeck of the Land of Enchantment, who has spent a lifetime painting a picture for us through his creative understanding of man and his place in time and nature, one step behind the coyote, one loop left for payday, one day left for love. Enjoy.




Seeking ShangriLa in the Tetons and Yellowstone

Since our family started roadtripping across our great country, we have traveled nearly 20,000 miles on America’s backroads and interstates. Recently, True West Magazine asked me to write about one of the trop road trips in America, roundtrip from Salt Lake to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Parks.

Enjoy this wonderful trip and when you pack your van, family truckster, mobile home, rv, or motorcycle, remember to stop and enjoy the little moments of your journey, not forgetting to send a postcard home, enjoy home made pie at a diner along some lost highway, and always, always, take the time to stop and enjoy the sun setting into the horizon as the moon and stars illuminate the night.

See you on down the road! And if you take this great highway adventure through Utah, Wyoming, and a slice of Idaho, don’t forget to visit Montana and stop at Bridger State Historic Park in southwestern Wyoming, one of the best little historic stops on the whole trip.


Part 1: A Western View of the Media’s No. 1 Show, Sheriff Joe Arpaio



Recently I was asked to comment on the trial of Arizona’s Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who is currently on trial, along with his sheriff’s office, for alleged civil rights violations against Latino residents of the 9200 square mile central Arizona county. From my perspective as a transplanted Southwesterner in the heart of the American Midwest in Iowa City, the Sheriff Joe Show would have been a number one show for Paddy Chayefsky’s imaginary media conglomerate UBS’s creative directors in the award winning film, “Network.” The Teflon Sheriff has captured the imaganation, celebration and vilification of editors, bloggers, citizens, and the media for two decades but continues to enjoy huge support in Maricopa County, one of America’s Sunbelt hotspots for crime, economic depression, human smuggling, drug trafficking, and labor explotation.

Part one of my three part series on Sheriff Joe Arapio, the trial, media, and my perspective on American immigration policy since 1965, was published today in the Iowa City Press-Citizen. I believe this coversation is at the core of our national politics, the November presidential election, and our future as a nation. My perspective begins with my childhood growing up in Los Angeles, is shaped by a life lived on both coasts, the Southwest, and now today, in the heart of our nation, Iowa, where immigration from all corners of the globe have and continue to shape this agricultural eden since the first emmigrant’s plow broke its prairie soil in the early nineteenth century.

Below is the link to the story in today’s Iowa City Press-Citizen:



This Land is Our Land, Red, White and Blue

I love the open road of America, its highways and its back roads, its dirt roads and interstates. Recently I made two major roadtrips from Iowa across our Nation’s heartland and I’d like to share my reflections that were published in the Iowa City Press-Citizen today.

See you on down the road!

Bent’s Old Fort Historic Site, La Junta, Colorado